Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2018


The regular meeting of the Medina Athletics Boosters was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on February 12, 2018 at the Medina High School by Boosters President, Troy McClowry.

Attendance Status

Name                                     Title                                        Status

Troy McClowry                     President                                Present

Tom Delac                             Vice President                        Present

Jen Anspach                           Treasurer                               Present

Daniella Hensley                    Secretary                               Present

Amy Byers                              Development                        Not- Present

Kate O’Cull                            Membership                          Present

Ron Glasenapp                       Communications                   Present

Dawn Allar                             Events                                   Present

Joy Rambo                              Team Relations                     Present

Jill Dwyer                               Concession Coordinator        Present

Todd Hodkey                          Athletic Director                   Present

Approval of Minutes

The MAB board minutes from the January Strategy meeting on January 13, 2018 were motioned for approval by Tom and second for approval by Troy.  

Open Issues- Reviewed and updated throughout the meeting. See Attached Action Log


New Business

Member Update:

Summary & Update:


·         Golf Outing Update

o    Troy and Tom working on sponsorships- Dawn to assist

o    Dawn will manage team baskets

o    Cost $105/golfer

o    Jen to work with Troy on raffle for teams to support pre-golf outing to sell tickets

·         Accounts Receivable

o    Troy, Amy and Jen are confirming list for sponsors and accounts with outstanding payments that require invoice send.

·         Membership Programs

·         Upcoming Hall of Fame Presentation

o    Funk family to donate to technology update to the wall of fame on 2/20/18.


·         Concession Transition updates and Go Forward Plan


·         Financials Update

·         Invoice Payments to vendors with outstanding pledges.

o    Jen working on vendor payment process.


·         Complete a review of the action log for team updates.

·         Review 2018 Strategy Execution

·         Review positions for 2018- When do we recruit new people, turnover mgmt..

o    March- board and roles to state intentions; April- solicit new replacements as necessary; May- board elections.

o    If anyone is  not going to remain in position- speak to Tom or Troy prior to March meeting.

·         Fall concession update (discussion with Jill)

o    Pepsi prices will increase 3-5%, incentives may change

o    Need to repair or replace or obtain coolers for outside concessions

o    Fall menu options- “specials of the week”, new items.

o    App for managing product


·         Booster Mission statement proposal

o    Tabled for March meeting


·         Spring membership drive incentive

o    50% of membership to sport of choice (can break this into 2 sports).


·         Twitter, Facebook and Instagram daily notices continue

·         Need to hear from coaches when a "Dine to Donate" or other fundraisers are scheduled to help promote.

·         Update on discussion with Amy Busby on adding Boosters notes to Bee Informed Newsletter.

·         "Reach" & "Impressions" on social media.

·         January saw 112 tweets, 111,000 impressions, 1683 profile visits, 25 new followers on Twitter.

·         On Facebook, reach of Medina Alumni Association page : 6626 people reached, 4511 followers, 4531 Likes.




·         Working on spring team meetings


·         Welcome Jill:

·         Review of concession management plan

o    Use of Bowman house to support inventory purchase and stocking is a go.


Additional Topics



Agenda for Next Meeting

Agenda topics for the next meeting are due by the first Monday of the month of March.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm by Boosters President, Troy McClowry. The general meeting was held prior to the meeting from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. The next board meeting will be at 7:00 pm on March 12, 2018 at Medina HS. The board meeting will commence after the general session and coaches meeting updates.

Minutes submitted by:         Daniella Hensley, Booster Secretary, 02/13/18

Approved:                                 Troy McClowry, Booster President, 02/14/18