BOOSTER MEETING MINUTES                                    Monday, APRIL 10, 2017

xecutive Board Meeting, April 10, 2017

Jen has a colleague who will be hopefully helping her next weeks on AP system through Quickbooks.

We are currently "remote mode"  but Yarwood is requiring back ups.  Invoices need inputting

COG sold has now been identified and is being separated from Booster General Fund

Need to allocate more for "banking"

We need to decide where we draw the line with Yarwood.  What should they do and what can our volunteers do.  We are spending a lot of money to have Yarwood help us out.  They are done with filing taxes. They should be logging in when they are working on Booster projects

Yarwood offered to put a sign in their front yard that reads "Home of the Medina Athletic Boosters". This would help coaches and volunteers find them when necessary. Yarwood is currently listed as the Booster phone number.

Concessions: 6 cash registers have been purchased. An inventory report is the goal so we know what we sold and what needs to be ordered. We can now accept credit cards at the the registers (Ken Dukes). This should increase accuracy and speed. Concessions are the majority of Booster money so this will help!

Spiritwear should be outsourced. A discussion of who and how followed.

Todd: track timing system-need to hold off a little on this. Also buying a chip timing system for cross country.

Tennis courts being re-done this summer.  Turf is still up for discussion at Ken Dukes

Softball parents have requested a port-a-John. Scoreboard not up yet but close.

Soccer looking for some sort of portable shelter

Ron continues to tweet. Almost 900 followers on twitter and alumni accounts.

We will need new Booster email addresses for new positions.

General meeting:

Track: girls won the Relay meet last weekend. Boys came in 3rd
DA'ONE Jordan set long jump record for the school

Boys Volleyball: 1-4 so far. Rough year but lots of new kids. A "rebuild" Year with 22 freshman. Stow and Hudson coming up this week

Softball:  girls went to Myrtle Beach during Spring Break. Went 3-2. Had a tough week this week so far.

Boys basketball: in a lull right now. Ready to start open gyms soon

Girls basketball: Spring open gyms soon. All girls are busy with second sport!  June will be busy for boys and girls.

Girls Volleyball: conditioning/open gyms. 20/30 girls showing up. Many incoming freshman.  JO is in full swing

Wrapping up the Booster year. Boosters in good place. Goals remain the same: raise revenue and make things more efficient, grow membership. Banking has been smoothed out and getting better. Concessions can be improved but new cash registers will help!

Our biggest change is we have a lot of volunteers including parents of middle schoolers. We have better communication,  more events and a better relationship with the community.  We have subcommittee volunteers for special events. We still need more email addresses from our youth organizations.

We talked about a Booster drive in the Fall that would coincide with Gold Cards